They say im up&comin like im fuckin in an elevator

"I no longer know if I wish to be drowned in love, vodka, or the sea." -Grantaire, Book V

Marina. 19. WPU. ΘΦΑ. Writer, freak, lover, reader of everything. I like reading, fangirling and coffee with way too much sugar. Im loud, I dance and sing randomly and I am in love with the idea of being in love. Im crazy and stupid and wonderful and horrible and loved and hated. My sister is my first favorite person. My second favorite person changes every week. I'm in college and I guess that's my excuse for questioning everything. I don't really know who I am right now so i guess this is my journey. The world is a hateful and scary place and i'd go crazy if i didn't live about 95% in my head at all times; it is a beautiful yet maddening place to live in. Here is a glimpse. But I'd argue that we are all just a little mad on here. You are beautiful and you are loved. I follow back 100%


I think that if voldemort really wanted to kill harry potter the night the spell didn’t work on him he could’ve just picked him up and thrown him out a window given the fact that he was a one year old infant

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"If you love someone, you tell them.
Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing, even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems, even if you’re scared that it’ll burn you’re life to the ground..
You say it and you say it loud. And then, you go from there."
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This is not a photograph of lovers, this is a 400 year old marble statue of Pluto and Proserpina


Bernini, yall.

"The Rape of Persephone"
royreiddotca: - Everything the internet was
never intended to be used for… 

How bout both…


Press B to crouch.

This is a sneaking mission.


I will never not reblog this gif set whenever it comes across my dash.

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"We all have souls of different ages."
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“youre gay? you dont look gay”

well shit wtf does a gay look like 

Um like this, obvs


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financial status: I just washed a paper plate.

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i hate cute couples unless they’re 50% me

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when asked to describe myself:


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"We must have one love, one great love in our life, since it gives us an alibi for all the moments when we are filled with despair."
Albert Camus, Notebooks (1935-1942)

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